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About us:

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Studio20a was founded in 2014 with the simple belief that all good design comes from people enjoying their work. We've built a creative studio that allows ideas to bloom, people to develop and our work to flourish. 

We took a long time deciding what tone to take on our own website; should we be wacky, should we be super-cool or should we be completely off the wall crazy? In the end we decided to be ourselves, because that's who we are and ultimately that's what you buy into. We're honest, humble and hard-working, and believe designers should be judged by their work and not what they say.

Although Studio20a was born four years ago, most of the team has been working together since 2011 and the founding partners long before that. We love what we do and we enjoy building relationships, learning about businesses and developing new ideas. We build believable brands and create compelling campaigns that work.

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The 20a Team.

Team Photo 2017
  • Nick Curtis
  • Founder & Creative Director
  • Charlie Roughton
  • Founder & Business Director

  • Hannah Hornigold
  • Art Director
  • Megan Spriggs
  • Graphic Designer

  • Alex Thaxton
  • Junior Designer & Filmmaker
  • Louis Brindle
  • Filmmaker

  • Nancy Barnard
  • Project Manager
  • Gavin Caney
  • Project Manager

Our design studio is based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. We’ve worked with brands across the world as well as here in the UK, and of course around our own neck of the woods.

The 20a team have a wide range of different personalities, skills and talents that all come together to make our studio such a great place to work and develop ideas. 

The team is comprised of designers, art-workers, account handlers and marketing professionals. As a unit we specialise in building brands, creating advertising campaigns, art direction, photography and video. 


Studio20a Ltd is part of the Maze Media group of agencies.