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Meet the team - Alex Thaxton

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Alex Thaxton had a goal and he was going to stop at nothing until he reached it.

He may have had no experience or qualifications in design, film or photography. But that mattered little. Because Alex was going to learn, by whatever means possible, so he could bring an end to what he described as an uninspiring stop-gap supermarket job.

Little did he realise back then that within just two years, all that hard work and effort - including helping out on a couple of Studio20a film
shoots - would have paid off.

To go from 2014, where I hadn’t even picked up a camera, to just over two years later being in a job where that is my area of expertise is really great,” said the designer, photographer and filmmaker, who joined the company in September 2016.

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I think the Studio needed a helping hand on a couple of projects and I was straight in there as I wanted to show that I was keen. I was there early and left late and didn’t ask for anything at all because I just wanted to be involved.  

It was exactly the type of work I wanted to do and I’d heard good things about the people here. So, yes, I do feel really lucky. But I don’t personally believe in fate. I believe that people’s decisions shape their future. I think I saw what was possible - even if it was only a tiny chance - and I just kept going until it materialised.”

Becoming close friends with Louis Brindle helped spark an interest in being behind the camera. Countless hours spent having fun and grafting tirelessly, but always learning, allowed the pair to improve quickly - so much so that they often team up now as part of their job rather than a hobby.

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Alex said: “Louis and I have been working together throughout all of our
film-making career so we know each other inside out. We’ve got to the point that without even looking we can pretty much guess what each other’s camera settings are. Not only is it really enjoyable to work with him for the Studio, it can only be a benefit to the film

You sort of have to pinch yourself sometimes. We’ve gone from walking about in the woods or whatever trying to get a cool photo or film to making a full-on movie for Influx Magazine that gets over 200,000 views.

Before Louis just told me what to do and I did it. Now, we rub off on each other and it all goes in together to making a final product. I think we’re driving each other forward.”

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Taken on as a studio assistant, Alex has enjoyed various other aspects of his role including project management, project planning and designing. He’s had to knuckle down to get up to speed but given where he was three years ago, it’s hardly a surprise he’s already making a massive impact.

So I came here knowing the basics of design and then the people around me have helped me develop. Within six months I made a logo that has been chosen by a company (Fluential), which was insane,” Alex added.

We all progress and learn off each other. It’s a really positive environment to be in. This is the kind of place that you can go into whatever area you're strongest at and they'll make it work as long as you put the effort in. That suits me perfectly. I have no idea what I’ll end up doing here in the next few years but I know I’ll enjoy it.”

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Name: Alex Thaxton

Age: 23

‘Career’ history: Studio20a (2016 - current)

Joined company in: September 2016 as a Studio assistant

Current position: Studio20a junior designer and filmmaker

Instagram: @_alexthaxton

Biggest achievement: I've always been creative but I never knew about this industry. I feel like I had the skills needed to create material that was good enough to warrant working in the industry. In getting a job with Studio20a, I feel like I've achieved this.

Career aspirations: Create great films that I'm proud of, be part of the Studio going onto bigger and better things and doing what I love while being able to travel at the same time.

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