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Meet the team - Hannah Hornigold

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Hannah Hornigold is a perfectionist.

One look at the Instagram feed for her latest project - turning the inside of her pretty little Victorian house into a thing of beauty - tells you all you need to know.

This woman has the sharpest eye for detail. She can see the bigger picture. Her creative vision is rarely blurred. And even when it temporarily is, the eventual end results still have to be seen to be believed.

For Hannah, being in the creative industry is more than just a job. It’s a way of life. Which is great news for Studio20a because she’s the firm’s art director.

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We (designers) analyse everything we do and pick it apart,” said the former Teesside University student.

Even if one of us has worked on something we’ll get someone else to look over it and try and see an outsider's point of view. If you didn’t know the client would you get their logo and understand they belong to a certain industry? We won’t let things leave the studio if we’re not happy.

I’m really pernickety when it comes to layouts, things being slightly out of line, colours not being right and especially orphans and widows. It has got to be right and you’ve got to set a standard. It’s why I’m proud to be part of this studio because we want people to look at what we do and think: ‘These guys know what they are doing’.”

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The same can certainly be said for Hannah. But she’ll admit it hasn’t always been that way.

Written off by her primary school teacher as a “shocking artist”, that unjust criticism fuelled a fire that burned brightly as her creative spark caught alight through sixth form and all the way to a first (BA Hons degree in graphic design) at uni.

That desire to prove people wrong has stood the Instagram lover in good stead in a world littered with one chance to impress concept proposals.

It’s why Hannah has flourished since joining the company in 2011 and has gone on to become a prominent figure in Maze Media’s creative wing, 20a. Helping drive another successful company venture, Love By 20a, has further increased the skills at her disposal in the industry’s ever-changing world.

It’s another creative avenue,” said Hannah of the bespoke wedding and personal stationery offering.

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Designing for a wedding is so tailored. Things tend to be more floral, and cutesy, but I love exploring hand-written lettering, paper samples and stocks and different printing processes.

“It’s completely opened my eyes and allowed us to use some of things I’ve learned across the board to bring to our other clients.”

Hannah admits that added insight has allowed her to cope and adapt with the continually changing trends and varied demands of the Studio’s client base. No two jobs are the same. Yet regardless of her output, the input always remains the same.

And that would be the biggest piece of advice Hannah would pass on to anyone taking their early steps towards trying to carve out a similar career. 

I always do lots of illustrations by hand before I even start to digitalise them,” she added.

I don’t draw anything until I’ve carried out lots of research. I think people struggle to see the merit in it, they just see the end product. But everything I do has a reason. Even if it looks good there’s always been a massive amount of thought behind it, even before designs are drawn up.”

It’s a philosophy she lives by and one that continues to produce perfection - inside, and outside, of the studio.

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Name: Hannah Hornigold

Age: 28

Higher education: Teesside University (BA Hons in graphic design)

‘Career’ history: Maze Media (2011 - current)

Joined company in: August 2011 as a junior designer

Current position: Art director for Studio20a

Twitter: @HannahHorni

Instagram: @hannahhorni and @littleharrowdenehouse

Biggest achievement: Doing what I love, as a job, for a company with the same values as myself. The variety of clients we deal with and the challenges they present us makes my role so diverse. I’m also so fortunate that I’m able to do this job in an area that I’ve grown up in without having had to move to a city.

Career aspirations: To become an art director

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