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Meet the team - Louis Brindle


Don’t tell Louis Brindle that work experience isn’t worth it.

It was the exact platform that allowed this rough diamond to sparkle enough to secure a job he still holds some four years later.

Now, working as Studio20a’s filmmaker, Louis’ talent is dazzling brighter than ever. 

And he admits that unpaid time as a teenager was crucial in him becoming a major jewel in the company’s crown.


He said: “When I was at college I was doing two days a week here. I was just doing design, helping out with adverts, and just trying to help with the bulk of work.

I was already into photography and making videos but I’ve learned to love design just as much. 

"My teacher at college had encouraged me to take design seriously because he said it was something I could eventually go on to do full-time."


Taken on as a raw, but talented, creative assistant in 2013, Louis threw himself into everything the position demanded. 

But he had to bide his time before being able to show his magic behind the camera.

Several in-house projects later and the camera-lover was let loose - producing stunning results in the process. 

It’s a skill he’ll get to use even more in the years to come and Louis is excited about the challenges that lay in wait.

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I’ve taken my camera everywhere with me since I can remember so it’s amazing to be able to get the chance to do that for work,” he said.

After taking 50,000-plus photos I can now look at something and get a photo that I’m nearly happy with. 

"But it may take another 50,000 before I start getting photos I'm proud to show off. You don’t even realise you’re learning sometimes.

My grandad, who has been a massive inspiration because I’ve always looked at his photos (see two below), takes hundreds of pictures everywhere he goes. 

"My dad filmed his and my mum’s entire honeymoon in Africa and I took 3,000 photos on a short trip to America with my girlfriend, so maybe it runs in the family.


I feel like I’ve got a lot more to give - even if people say they love what I’ve done - I think I’ll produce my best work in the future as I keep learning and the technology, and equipment, keeps getting better and more advanced.”

Having recently received their Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ), 20a will soon be able to offer aerial footage for clients. 

With colleague, and friend, Alex Thaxton also offering further assistance on shoots, Louis certainly feels the sky’s the limit as far as the Studio’s video content is concerned.

Louis, who would love a 20a video to receive a Vimeo staff pick in 2018, added: “Video is absolutely massive for businesses now. It never used to be a necessity but now if you don’t have one you won’t stand out. 

"I think we’ll keep getting more work and I love the idea of having more work.

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“Everyone in the Studio has an interest in film and photography, even if it’s not what they directly do, and they’re always willing to help and give an opinion to assist with the final product.

“I never thought when I was 17 that I’d still be here but it’s great that I am. It doesn’t feel like work because I love what I do and I love the people in the studio.”


Name: Louis Brindle

Age: 22

‘Career’ history: Maze Media (2013 - current)

Joined company in: May 2013 as a creative assistant

Current position: Filmmaker for Studio20a

Twitter: @LouisBrindle

Instagram: @louis_brindle

Biggest achievement: Because I feel like I’m always improving, I’m going to say my best achievement is yet to come.

Career aspirations: To one day have my name, or the Studio’s name, on the credits of a film, hopefully in the cinema. I’d like to have achieved that with a group of people though so working for the Studio is perfect for that.

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