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Meet the team - Megan Spriggs

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Creativity has always been a way of life for Megan Spriggs.

For as long as she can remember, exploring her artistic side has been encouraged. Art and play time often went hand in hand but it was never forced - far from it.

Meg’s mum is an artist who allowed her daughter to learn at her own pace and discover her own style. Maybe she didn’t realise it back then, but she was allowing Meg to take the very first tentative steps on a relaxed journey that would eventually lead her to working in the same industry that she’s achieved so much in.

I think my mum’s influence probably did rub off on me,” smiled Meg.

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When we were younger and played, mum wasn’t scared to get out paint pots because of the mess. She was happy for us to create mess. When we were on the beach mum would get us drawing pictures in the sand. Everything was about creating, it’s how I’ve been brought up and I guess it’s why I look at things in that way.

Mum was a good teacher. She never told anyone ‘that’s how you should draw’. I know she’s pleased I work in the creative industry but she would be pleased whatever I did.”

It could have been very different for the lover of travel had she decided to pursue her obvious talent in maths rather than art.

But she decided to follow her heart in the summer of 2012, having completed her higher education at Springwood High School and the College of West Anglia, and take up the offer of an artworking position at Maze Media.

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Meg said: “I enjoyed art and maths but I looked at art as more of a hobby than a job. It’s quite an old-fashioned way of looking at it but I guess part of me was scared to choose an art side of life for work in case I wasn’t very good at it and couldn’t go much further.

When I finished college I had two interviews. One here and another at an accountancy firm.  They told me to do what I wanted to, rather than what I was skilled at. I was good at maths but I don't regret my decision to join Maze. I’d definitely tell people to do what makes them happy because you spend so much time at work.”

The 26-year-old has spent the best part of six years - minus a brief sabbatical in Australia in 2015 - with the company and is now honing her talents as a graphic designer with Maze’s specialist creative arm, Studio20a.

Like a lot of the team she’s developed her skills and confidence but admits there’s still a long way to go before she’ll be entirely satisfied.

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To begin with I was quite quiet and if you don’t know me you’d still think I am,” said Meg.

Although I’m not hugely confident I’m a lot more confident than I was. It’s because I really love the team right now. We’re so close and I think I’ll grow with the team. If anyone ever says anything about work it’s never horrible. It’s an opinion, it’s constructive and because we’re all so close it doesn’t hurt.

It’s helping me come out of my shell and I’m not so scared to say stuff in creative and team meetings now. I’ve worked with people like Hannah, Louis and Nick for a long time and I admire how much creative confidence they have. The work they produce is great, and so is Alex’s. I love working in a team that is so inspiring.

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Name: Megan Spriggs

Age: 26

‘Career’ history: Maze Media (2012 - current)

Joined company in: June 2012 as an artworker

Current position: Graphic designer for Studio20a

Instagram: @megssprigs

Biggest achievement: Going to Australia on my own. I was really shy at the time so it was a big deal but it certainly made me more confident.

Career aspirations: I’m happy at work but I want to be happier with the work I produce.

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