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Throwback Thursday - AG Pearce

Alfies Potato Prints

The power of print

We may live in a digital age but there's no doubting that traditional forms of media are still loved, and embraced, in our studio.

That connection with print - in more ways than one - helped us put together this piece of work for one of our clients back in May 2013.


Alfred G Pearce (AG Pearce) asked us to create a brochure which highlighted the different types of produce they sold. 

Thanks to lead designer Hannah's concept, we quickly found the right root towards producing something they were delighted with.


The right mix

She explained: "Alfie’s came to us with a very simple brief – to emphasise the raw ingredient.

"I always begin a project with background research and brainstorming; this allows me to come up with a few different ideas about how the project could be developed further


"I instantly knew there was something that could be done using their produce and coming from a farming background made them a natural client to work with.

"What started off as an idea to use the potato prints, soon developed into the idea to use the stamps themselves. This was a much more unique approach to the project which lead to some very strong imagery being created for the brand."

It's exactly why four years on our relationship with AG Pearce is still growing.

Click here to read more about Hannah and her role at Studio20a.

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