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Throwback Thursday - Influx (Porsche 959)

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Trip down memory lane.

Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia don't they?

So when you throw a passion for cars and creating film into the mix, then some projects really do stir the emotions.

It's why the opportunity to shoot the world's only Porsche 959 convertible in March 2017 - and take some photos of other classics - was always going to get our pulses racing.

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The value in production.

The showroom hosted a whole range of incredible historic vehicles.

Yet it was the 959, valued at £1.5million, that we took out on the road to put together a short film for online magazine Influx.

Alex said: "The aim was to create a short film which included an interview piece going over some facts about the car. We also focused on what the experience was like to drive it and what made this car special.

"The film photos give a different feel to what a modern camera would have, it helps take you back to the era when these cars were brand new, innovative and had many car enthusiasts extremely excited."

Click here to read more about Alex and his role at Studio20a.

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