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Throwback Thursday - Transactor

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Passage of time

Every company undergoes a period of transition at some point.

Which is why the term was the perfect title for Transactor's desire to send out a modern take on a traditional company newsletter.

While the firm specialise in providing insurance software solutions they wanted someone to guide them on producing a 16-page document they could give to customers and clients. And that's an area that we had covered.

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A new era

It isn't just Transactor who have evolved since this 2011 project was completed.

Because when it was, Studio20a didn't even exist.

It wasn't until three years later that Maze Media - who created Transition - decided to expand and form two agencies who could provide more specific marketing services.

And that's exactly why the creativity from the Maze generation will never disappear and continue long into the future under the 20a umbrella.

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Director Nick said: "It was a project I enjoyed working on. Transactor wanted what was quite a corporate document to look more modern and creative and I think we achieved that."

Click here to read more about Nick and his role at Studio20a.

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