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It's always nice to help the next generation of graphic designers as they take their first tentative steps into the industry.

And that's exactly what our lead designer, Hannah, and communications manager, Gavin Caney, did when they spent a morning with the College of West Anglia's first and second-year graphic design students.

Hannah gave a talk about her career so far before the pair set the class a task designed to get their creative juices flowing.

Working in groups, the pupils were asked to rebrand everyday stationery items in order to make them become exciting new products that could be sold to members of their chosen target market.


Hannah said: "It was a really enjoyable few hours and it was great to see the students being so creative. It was nice to offer an insight into the industry and hopefully it can help people make some decisions about their future."

Lecturer Jane Goodwin - who helped deliver the session - was ecstatic with how the students embraced the challenge. For many it was their first experience of tackling a real-life brief similar to those they may face in the world of work.

"Engagement with industry helps to put learning into context and offers invaluable experience in preparing our students for work," said Jane.

"It’s always good to reinforce working processes and it was a real pleasure seeing the first and second years so fully engaged with Studio20a’s project."


The morning came to a close with groups presenting their ideas and finalised concepts to each other before quizzing Hannah and Gavin further.

One student, James Yarrow, has since enjoyed a work experience placement with 20a and it is hoped all parties will continue to benefit from the link-up.

Gavin added: "The students couldn’t have embraced the task, or been more respectful, if they tried

"We had a great time working with them and it was lovely to see them being so enthusiastic about the work."

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