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Adrian Flux: Advertising Campaign:

Bts Fp

Clean and polished.

Adrian Flux were keen to create a fresh new look for a set of their print adverts.

After some thought we decided that photography was the way to go as they looked to freshen up their ads for the classic, 4x4 and motorhome markets.

We sourced a selection of immaculate cars and took every step to ensure they brushed up perfectly for our photoshoot.

Defender Front Hp
Defender Side Hp
Porsche Fp

"Advertising continues to play a crucial part in businesses' marketing communications and it's no different for Adrian Flux. It's important to constantly reinvent our messages and come up with new campaigns and that's where Studio20a's creativity helps us excel. 

"The final adverts they produced for this project are eye-catching, professional and were made purposely adaptable to ensure the feel remained the same across different target markets but the content could easily be changed."

Gerry Bucke, Adrian Flux general manager

A new style.

Our intention was to do something completely new for Flux with these adverts and that's why we incorporated photography and design this time around.

It gave us increased control and allowed us to dictate every single last detail about the eventual finished product.

The aim was for the reader to catch a glimpse of the new style and stop for a second after capturing their attention. And that's exactly what we achieved with the ads.

Vw Before Hp
Vw After Hp

One more light.

We loved working in a studio environment during the shoot where we had to be absolutely meticulous with lighting and angles.

It's something we've been learning about for years now but we're always picking up new skills and turning our hand to them.

With each project we continue to improve and we can't wait to keep trying more things and delivering even better results in the future for our clients.

Flare Hp
Light 2 Hp
Capri Fp Flux Ad Full Width
Flux Ad Portrait 1
Flux Ad Portrait 2