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Adrian Flux Learner Driver Hub:

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Testing our skills.

Working on this project involved all areas of our creative expertise. 

Specialising in design, photography and film allowed us to take full artistic control of Learner Driver Hub requirements.

And the end result was a series of design, videos and print work that we feel passed the test that Adrian Flux had put in front of us.

Learn Half
Learn Half 2

"Adrian Flux's desire to provide much more than just insurance saw us decide to create a Learner Driver Hub to help those looking to pass their test. Working closely with their sister agency, To The End, Studio20a took full creative control of this project and produced a short series of videos and designed a handy booklet that could compliment the online resource tool. Both not only looked great but contained helpful tips for young drivers and further strengthened our already strong brand identity."

Matt Allen, Adrian Flux product manager

From start to finish.

Designing the booklet from scratch gave us the opportunity to carefully select every last detail that went into it.

From the photography to the illustrations, our team laid out the booklet in a way which made it pleasing on the eye but easy to read.

That way it could be as informative as possible and also visually appealing enough to keep people reading.

First Driver Half
First Driver Half 2

Short and sweet.

A series of films were also created with the help of a driving instructor to aid learners in getting rid of their L-plates.

These ranged from quick tips and vital nuggets of knowledge to practical explanations of how to correctly perform a manoeuvre.

These videos, coupled with the print project and other online and mobile work, helped put the wheels in motion for the hub to quickly become the go to place for the next generation of drivers.