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Daniel Sandler Cosmetics:

Building the right foundation.

Hugely respected and industry leading makeup artist Daniel Sandler approached us as he looked to add the finishing touches to his self-promotion.

His products and application speaks for itself so the filming process was always going to be plain sailing once he got in front of the camera.

And with our skills behind the lens, we always knew we’d have the right blend of expertise to create results that left everyone involved with smiles on their faces. 

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"Studio20a are great. The team are skilled, enthusiastic and very helpful when it comes to filming and editing. 

"Nothing is ever too much trouble and they interpret my ideas really well.

"I look forward to working with them on future projects."

Daniel Sandler

A model of professionalism.

When it comes to makeup, Daniel is the expert. That’s why we allowed him to take control of the content and guide us through what he wanted to convey during the video-making process.

But he knows that when it comes to setting up and producing a series of short videos that we are the ones in the know so he took a step back and allowed us to lead the way.

It was the same when he asked us to source models for the shoots - another of our services that always helps put the gloss on any project.

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Enhancing the brand recognition.

As well as providing six makeup application tutorials that could be uploaded online - cut up into shorter versions for Instagram - our work for Daniel wasn’t done.

He needed photography taken so his products and branding could look as great and recognisable online as it does once it’s in a customer’s hands.

Then, using the tips provided in the videos, they can be applied perfectly to give an all round great finish to being part of the Daniel Sandler experience.

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