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Element repellent.

We were approached by the international outdoor garment brand, DexShell, to shoot their latest range of weather-proof products. 

Operating mainly in the US and China, DexShell were looking to reach more markets and strengthen their position within existing ones. Great photography is key to the success of any product, none more so than top-quality, high-end outdoor sports and leisure clothing. 

We needed to capture the products in use, in lifestyle scenarios, that would be suitable for print advertising, online advertising and packaging. 

"DexShell have worked with Studio20a - who I learned of via its group company Maze Media that I already knew and trusted - for a few projects including a lifestyle photoshoot, video production and website design. 

"I was pretty much hands off for all the work but was never disappointed with what was delivered. The quality is not only concerned with the design or post production but ensuring that all works created have a consistent and unified brand message to our target audiences.

"Our thanks go to the fast-moving and ever-growing 20a team. Your jobs on DexShell are appreciated by us and all of our customers around the world."

James Xhu, DexShell president

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Take aim and shoot.

Art directing an outdoor photoshoot in the middle of winter can pose many problems, especially in the UK! But luck was on our side for this occasion and we were able to capture key product photography for versatile use in the US, Europe and Asia. 

We have a wide range of skills here at Studio20a, including photography, but we also have a big fat book of contacts and are happy to hire freelancers for certain projects if we feel their skill set and experience will enhance our results. 

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Capturing the moment.

What better way to show off DexShell's products than by shooting a video in the great outdoors?

It's why we headed off to Snowden to put together a short film that displays the exact type of environment that the company's gear thrives in.

With the help of a hired model, and one of our own, we achieved the goal of scaling our own mini creative mountain.

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