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DexShell Kids Shoot :

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"DexShell have worked with Studio20a - who I learned of via its group company Maze Media that I already knew and trusted - for a few projects including a lifestyle photoshoot, video production and website design. 

"I was pretty much hands off for all the work but was never disappointed with what was delivered. The quality is not only concerned with the design or post production but ensuring that all works created have a consistent and unified brand message to our target audiences.

"Our thanks go to the fast-moving and ever-growing 20a team. Your jobs on DexShell are appreciated by us and all of our customers around the world."

James Xhu, DexShell president

Photoshoots? They're child's play.

Taking pictures may be old hat. But they're still a hugely important part of our offering for clients.

DexShell have tapped into our talents of planning and executing a photoshoot before

So they knew we could produce the goods when they approached us about wanting help to promote their new range of children's outdoor waterproof clothing.

The first jobs were to source a versatile location with leafy surroundings and some mini models. 

Once they were in the bag it was time to let the children have some fun.

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Service with a smile

It wasn't just the brilliant young models who were left grinning from ear-to-ear as they splashed around in the puddles at West Acre Theatre.

We were delighted to pour cold water on the adage that you should never work with kids while the client was ecstatic with the final pictures.

They were heart-warming, popped with colour and showed the clothing in the surroundings that they will be worn and enjoyed - an end result to a project that was successful enough to put a smile on anyone's face.

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