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Front Runner:


Setting the pace.

In any race the aim is to be ahead of the field. 

And that's exactly what we needed to do when taking on the branding project for a new television channel, aptly named Front Runner (FR).

The gun had sounded for the competition long ago so we needed to create something that would help FR stand out from the crowd as it attempts to overtake its rivals in the market.

"The most important thing for Front Runner was to find a partner who believed in what we were doing. Starting a new TV channel is hard enough without dragging along your supplier. Studio 20a understood us from the beginning, they built on our ideas and added their expertise to make a sophisticated and recognisable brand that serves us today and will continue to as we grow. We have had positive feedback from all our content partners, who have been happy to associate with our brand and the values it represents."

Ryan Scarratt, Information TV director

Fr Live Logo
Fr Green Sport Logo

Adapting to the conditions.

Every 'front runner' has a different challenge to overcome when they lead the way.

It was no different for our client - which aims to be loud, bold and alternative. Broadcasting a variety of genres including extreme sports, poker, ice hockey and greyhound racing helps create those perceptions.

But so does a logo which has been created to evolve as the channel does and adapt depending on the sport or broadcasting mediums.

Sketch Image 02

Watch it live.

From concept to creation, our branding has helped Front Runner - an Information TV channel - make a mark in the sporting arena.

You can see how by tuning into their channel on Sky (468 and 469).

Fr Icon