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Germains :

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Sowing seeds of a relationship.

Someone has to make the first move for a connection to be made.

In this case, it was Germains who reached out and we were only too happy to form a bond that could set off some creative fireworks between us. Initially they needed our expertise to make some essential documents, in essence a starter pack to give to their staff, more exciting. 

The end results were well received so we were soon ready to take our link-up to the next level.

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"The relationship we have built with Studio20a is ever-growing.

"They have helped us to bring our projects to life through their artwork. They continue to dedicate their time to visit our site, ensuring that they know what we require as a customer and what designs fit in with how we look as a company.

"This time and effort means we always get great results from the design team who produce projects that we are proud to share.

"High quality design work makes 20a stand out from the crowd."

Megan Smith, Germains' UK HR Advisor

Love at first sight.

We were then asked to come up with a clever campaign to promote their GROW (Germains Recognition of Work) awards - an internal scheme encouraging staff to nominate their colleagues for going above and beyond at work. 

Our 'Outstanding in Field' concept matched their vision and helped earn extra trust that has allowed us to play around with more fun, colourful and engaging concepts.

Those, around 'Superheroes' and 'Seeds' themes, were enjoyable to work on and, as before, had to be translated into Spanish and Dutch for Germains' other staff around the world who also adored our work. 

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Growing the creative output.

Our expertise in design and photography has been used as things continue to develop between ourselves and Germains.

Work on their bi-annual staff magazine 'Insites', providing illustrative exhibition artwork and taking photography to promote their polyselect range of seeds are just some of the many projects we've worked on.

It's still early days for our relationship but as the jobs continue to roll in, we're looking forward to watching our relationship and the results we help produce flourish.

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