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Beer, food and rooms.

The opportunity to work with an exciting new venture in King's Lynn left us feeling enthusiastic for a few reasons.

Firstly, it was a chance to team up with Lucy and Richard Golding again having developed a great relationship with them and their other business.

And secondly, it was a fantastic offer to help play a small part in restoring a historic run-down pub into something the town could be proud of.

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"We could not recommend this local company enough. We've worked with them for nearly nine years, first at Market Bistro and now, with our new project at Goldings.

"We have always been over the moon with everything they have done for us."

Lucy and Richard Golding, owners

Historic links.

The concept for Goldings' eventual chosen logo touches strongly on the tidal clock seen on the nearby Minster.

We took inspiration from this iconic building to create a truly unique brand identity for a public house which really stands out from the rest. 

It has helped create a modern and vibrant place to eat, drink, buy food and stay - without turning its back on the area's proud past.

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All under one roof.

We've enjoyed helping build excitement and an identity around all of Goldings' offerings.

Whether it's been the branding, stationery or photography, we've taken great care in producing a brand which has already become instantly recognisable.

It not only gets across the quality that they pride themselves on, but subtly nods back to the 11th Century church that looms large from the other side of the market place.

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