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Influx: BMW M3: The past, the present, the future:

Working with Legends.

How do you handle something that has built up a cult following because it is so adored? By treating it with the respect it deserves of course.

It's exactly what we had to do when we were asked to produce a film for Adrian Flux's online magazine Influx about the history of the BMW M3. The series' enthusiasts are as knowledgeable as they come so it was important we provided footage and insight that they trusted and enjoyed.

We needed to work with a company that could provide impartial expertise and insight while also being able to help us get our hands on each of the brand's iconic M3s. It was a massively crucial job - but one that wasn't too big for Munich Legends.

"We've become accustomed to working with film crews and companies of many different sizes over the years. 

"But we were all majorly impressed with Studio20a's finished product and professional approach given we knew little about them before their arrival at Chelwood Gate. 

"They operated in a way befitting that of a much larger organisation and we wouldn't hesitate to work with them again in the future. 

"We were delighted with all aspects of the film and are not surprised it's been so popular - especially with BMW enthusiasts."

Dan Norris, Munich Legends director

M3 Half 3
M3 Half 4
M3 Full

A series of locations.

We had the cars - five of them to be precise - we had the insight. Now all we needed was the places to shoot the film.

Thanks to Munich Legends' hospitality, we could capture all of the off-road footage and interviews we needed at their base in Sussex. And thanks to their knowledge of the local area, we had a stunning backdrop to park the iconic cars up before taking them out on the road.

Several trips back up and down a minor road in Chelwood Gate later it was job done and time to head back to another location, namely our office.  

M3 Half 1
M3 Half 2

Back at the Studio.

After making the trip back to Norfolk it was time to put the all important finishing touches to the job.

Hours of footage had to be scoured and edited before only a few minutes' worth was selected to make the final cut. While this painstaking process was taking place, a supporting article about the M3 also had to be written.

You can now read that - and watch the film, which had more than 130,000 views within a month of it being uploaded - by visiting

M3 Postcard For Website M3 Illustration