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Influx Magazine (Adrian Flux):

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Cars. Bikes. People. Culture.

Influx is a luxury customer magazine produced by Adrian Flux Insurance Services. The company's founder, Adrian Flux, started the business during the 1970s because he couldn't find anyone to insure his beloved kit car. 40 years on and Flux have become market leaders in providing specialist insurance. Influx Magazine is an important reminder to everyone of why it all started... for the love of cars.

Influx offers a tantalising glimpse into the fascinating world of cars, bikes, cultures and the people behind them. And it's all free, courtesy of the insurance broker that likes to do things a bit differently. 

"While much of the world's marketing focus now centres around online projects, we're firm believers that print isn't dead. 

"We worked with Studio20a to confirm that belief by producing a hard copy of our Influx magazine. 

"Not only is the content great but it looks visually stunning and we were proud to put our name to the finished product."

Gerry Bucke, Adrian Flux general manager

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Long live print.

Producing the print edition of Influx Magazine gave us the perfect opportunity to indulge in our love for high-quality publications. When there's passion, purpose, determination and of course, budget, great things can be achieved with beautifully printed piece of work such as Influx Magazine (the eight edition). 

Working with editor and motoring journalist Michael Fordham we created the latest and sexiest instalment of the publication yet - in our honest opinion, of course. 

We commissioned some amazing artists to feature alongside Mike's word wizardry and the results were striking. We still have a few spare copies kicking about so if you're interested, drop us an email with your postal address. 

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Powered by Adrian Flux, fuelled by passion.

Influx is so much bigger than just a magazine, though. We've helped nourish the publication into its own brand and watched it spread across the web and pretty much every social media site worth talking about. It's genuinely worth your time of day if, like some of us in the studio, you feel a certain degree of motor oil running through your veins. Whilst it's roots are still firmly planted as Adrian Flux's customer magazine it has grown to stand on its own two feet as a purposeful feature site. 

We love the diversity found on Influx and the way it can sit £1m sports cars next to a piece about John Smith from Essex who loves his early 1980s Ford Escort. Through its style and poise comes a classless masterpiece for everyone who shares the same passion. Well played, Adrian Flux! 

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Influx has allowed us to collaborate with some amazing creative talents. Okay, so maybe we'll take credit for it's sex appeal but we've been able to work with some great people along the way. Michael Fordham, as previously mentioned, provides the words and editorial direction. To The End make our responsive web designs a reality and provide all of the monthly Influx newsletters, content and social natterings. And of course, all photography and art work is rightly credited in print and on web along the way. There's some serious blood, sweat and talent poured into Influx. 

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