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Influx: Rolls Royce: Beautiful Haunting:

Luxury defined.

It's like walking into another world when you step inside the prestigious Rolls Royce headquarters at Goodwood.

Described as a 'Private Privilege', the studio is accessible by invitation only. Like their vehicles, the building is all about the company's pursuit of perfection.

Exquisite is a word you'd associate with everything connected to the brand and it's a theme we wanted to keep running throughout our film.

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One of one.

Every Rolls Royce car that leaves the factory is fully unique.

When the customer sees their vehicle for the first time it's an event which is full of excitement, suspense and drama.

Our aim with the short film for Influx was to portray these emotions and give the viewer an idea of what it would be like if they were fortunate enough to have a Phantom unveiled to them.

You can read the supporting article we wrote - and watch the film, which went live on Valentine's Day - by visiting Influx's website.

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