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Marriott's Warehouse:

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Old timbers, pastures new.

We teamed up with the guys at Marriott's Warehouse to create a brand new identity for their bustling and bubbling restaurant and bar. 

Ok, so the food, drink, staff and atmosphere is all really great at Marriott's Warehouse - we've been, we can vouch for that... But there is something extra special about it: The location and setting. 

Marriott's is housed inside a 436-year-old merchant's warehouse on the river front in King's Lynn. A stunning building in a beautiful spot and we were rightly tasked with creating an identity that reflected it's heritage, atmospherics and uniqueness. 

"Marriott's Warehouse was a project which was quite essentially taking a medieval Hanseatic grain and wool store built in the 15th century on the River Ouse and turning it into one of the most popular eating destinations in King’s Lynn.

"We made the decision to employ the services of Studio20a, a relatively young and enthusiastic company, but we've never had to question the choice and have not looked back. Their complete approach is exciting, user friendly and they're a very talented team who are a delight to work with

Andrew Hornigold, Marriott's Warehouse owner  

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Seal of approval.

Our brief was to create a brand identity for the Warehouse combining the history of the building with its riverside location.

As the initials are ‘M’ and ‘W’, there was a perfect opportunity to represent the river by having the letters reflect each other. With this in mind, the logo started to take shape, and it was clear that a circular structure would work well. This eventually developed into a wax seal that instantly embodies the heritage and age of the building. You could almost imagine the merchants stamping wax seals onto their paper scrolls almost 500 years ago in that very building.

The restaurant itself is both friendly and quirky, so to ensure that the identity didn’t look too traditional, secondary typefaces have been used to soften the brand, making it more welcoming and fun to reflect the easy-going nature of Marriott’s Warehouse.

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