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Middletons Steakhouse & Grill:


Cooking up a photographic treat.

Middletons needs no assistance at all when it comes to producing top-notch food in their six steakhouses. 

But they needed our services when they wanted a company to help capture some of the restaurants they call their own around the country.

"As our business continues to expand we need to publicise the new restaurants that are being added to our growing chain of steakhouses. We invest an awful lot of time, and money, in ensuring that the interiors of our premises match the quality of the delicious food we serve. 

"So the best way to show that off is by taking quality photographs - which is exactly what Studio20a did when they spent a day with us. The images were stunning and proved exactly why our Leicester branch was shortlisted for a Restaurant and Design Bar Award."

Stephen Hutton, Middletons' managing director

Middletons 3
Middletons Portrait 2
Middletons Portrait
Middletons 1
Middletons Half 2
Middletons Half 1
Middletons Half
Middletons Half 3

Shown the door.

One of our photographers was welcomed with open arms when they set about taking pictures of Middletons' stunning interior features.

They had plenty to work with as the captured the decor and food that have helped the company gain a fine reputation for dining.

Yet they couldn't hang about too long once the images had been taken because it was dinner time and business as usual.

Middletons 4 Middletons 2 Middleton Large
Middletons Half 4