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NHS - Choose Me Not A&E:

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Designing for real world results.

We were approached by the NHS and asked to work with the West Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group, Wisbech Local Commissioning Group and Queen Elizabeth Hospital to reduce the amount of unnecessary visits to their A&E departments. Which we managed to do with our 'Choose Me, Not A&E' campaign, with an award nomination to boot!

The advertising campaign was rolled out on a dedicated website, to GP surgeries, hospitals, on billboards, leaflets, posters, bus stops, pharmacies, power-point presentations, email footers, magazines, newspapers and social media. 


Studio 20a crafted an advertising campaign that achieved results during both the summer and winter drives to keep A&E numbers down. We were privileged to work with our excellent National Health Service and felt a great deal of responsibility to make the project a success. 

As a creative agency we do more than just focus on the aesthetics of a project. With our designs we aim to serve a purpose, solve a problem. Our work has to function! 

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Help your hospital save lives this year.

The Choose Me, Not A&E campaign was nominated for the 'Value and Improvement in Communication' award during the 2015 Health Service Journal’s Awards. 

One of the wonderful things about working with the NHS is that they work hard to measure and evaluate all of their public communications.

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Resending a vital message.

Like all advertising campaigns, the 'Choose Me, Not A&E' project needed a new identity after a while to remind people of its importance and capture the public's attention again.

So we came up with a new take on the same message - which was used in emails, on a roadside banner and in newspaper and cinema advertisements - to make sure the importance of it wasn't forgotten. 

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