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Porelle Membranes:

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And breathe...

We've worked with Porelle on many projects and campaigns, including their fully responsive web design.

Porelle create breathable membranes that are used across the world by a huge variety of sportswear and clothing manufacturers. This marvellous, innovative product is as versatile as it is ingenious. It can be waterproof, heat proof, wind proof, cut proof... you get the picture.

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It gets technical. 

Due to Porelle's wide range of different products and market applications we've had to work hard to keep their image focussed and clinical. 

Tasked with building around their existing logo we managed to create a brand that portrays all of the product's complexities whilst keeping things simple.

We've poured over advertising and web layouts, stripped back at unnecessary clutter and designed a range of technical icons that relate to Porelle's key technology. 

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Same product, different language.

Part of our commissioning has been to make Porelle more consuming facing, more recognisable and more understandable to B2C consumers (having historically only traded B2B). The technology behind the product is complex, but it doesn't need to be. 

Porelle is marketed in two key areas, the sports and leisure trade and the professional services industry (emergency services, armed forces etc).

The difficulty in this is that although the product message is the same, it's aimed at completely different audiences. 


Throughout all of our work with Porelle we've tried to keep things simple, as we do with most of our projects. In making the brand more consumer facing we focused on the visual impact of the products and the emotional response it would draw from consumers. 

Rather than continuing to sell Porelle with the same message and strategy for both markets in the same language we had to introduce a new way of thinking. 

Porelle Sport would be all about lifestyle, leisure, quality of product, purpose of product and of course the big impact images. Sport will be purchased by people shopping for a new winter coat because it has the excellent technology of Porelle, improving their activities and comfort.

Porelle Technical would be all about the scientific endeavors, innovation, design and statistical analysis. Technical is aimed at clothing manufacturers, government services and professions.

Whilst the message is the same, the language is now different. This solution allowed the business to shout about the right things to the right people, a targeted strategy that would maximise sales potential. 

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