Creative Design Studio in King's Lynn, Norfolk | Studio 20a

Selection of logos created by Studio20a:

Logo design by Studio20a.

As a graphic design studio we amass quite a large portfolio of logos and identities. We can't shout about them all in detail so we've put together an anthology of some of the used and unused logos, shown below. It's a scrapbook that is continuously growing and developing.  

Most of the brand marks you'll see are live and in the big wide world, others are prototypes that were never selected by the client, finalised by the designers or just never fled the Studio20a nest. Either way, we felt they should be shared. 

Aa Acorn Adrianf Af Afm Badger Bellabea Choosemeae Clh Themoorings Cw Curtis Engage Gould Gould2 Goz Goz2 Greatbarnfarm Greenman Gw Gw2 Hallslanding Influx Italidea Italsedchair Izzytea Jelly Kitchens Klbid Klff Klff2 Loveby Marketbistro Marriots Megans Navitas Optima Orwell Picturesq Ring Shucks Shucks2 Shucks3 Solar Springwood Stgeorges Stgeorges2 Studio20a Thezone Tte Turnstone Ylp