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Influx: The Machine of War:

Never forget.

This vehicle can't help but make you think. 

You can just imagine what it has been through and the stories it could tell.

So we took great pride in taking the  Fordson truck back home to High Ash near Mundford - where it had been prior to D-Day and now the location of a memorial in honour of the 'Desert Rats' who were based there. 

The emotion wasn't lost on our team and as the fog drifted through the chilly morning air it only helped create the perfect atmosphere for the shoot.

Military Half
Military Books

Man and machine.

It was the rise of technology which saw the Second World War take many turns and ultimately end. 

We now use such advances to try and produce pieces of work that make an audience feel glimpses of the emotions felt during such a crucial time in history.

It's impossible to recreate those feelings. However, the way we shot the footage, the music we chose and the poem we penned to accompany the film via a voiceover tried to go a little way to tap into what it would've been like for many of our ancestors who fought so hard to ensure our freedom.

"May I say how very pleased we were to see the final film after being involved with the shoot.

"The photographs, poem and film itself are all absolutely fantastic. Your article was really very good too. 

"We really are pleased as punch with every single part of the project.

"We sincerely thank the team for producing this film. Oh, by the way, make sure that you get the poem covered by copyright. It needs to be published!"

Tom Williamson, Norfolk Military Vehicle Group member

Military Half Tank
Military Half Tank 2
Military Full

Passionate about the past.

This vehicle is hugely important to Brian who currently owns it and was honoured for it to appear in our latest Influx film.

It was the first military vehicle he ever acquired, and is currently the last one he has. Within minutes we understood the attraction and it's clear to see why there are people all over the country who are fighting to keep these artefacts on the road. 

They're a huge part of our heritage now and it was amazing to see Brian and his fellow Norfolk Military Vehicle Group colleague Thomas remaining so dedicated to keeping the history alive.

You can read the supporting article we wrote - and watch the film, which has had more than 1,000,000 views - by visiting Influx's website

Military Portrait
Military Portrait 2