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Your Local Paper:

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Your Local Paper's story is an amazing example of what can be achieved when a team of people really pull together for something worthwhile. Their founder and director approached us with an audacious idea... to start a free newspaper in age where other print publications - even nationals - were facing tough times. People's attitude to news consumption has been changing steadily but there is still a huge demand for printed local newspapers.

Armed with a briefcase full of market research, a group of enthusiastic investors and a plethora of willing advertisers, he sat us down and explained his vision. He was certain that people in his local of community of West Norfolk still wanted to consume their news through physical papers, despite the mass migration to online, he proved there was still a demand for print. 

We were really excited by the whole project and threw ourselves at the opportunity to be part of it. 

Your Local Paper now shift 22,000 free copies every Friday with their nearest competitor circulating only a fraction of that figure. With West Norfolk seemingly impressed by its new paper the question is, which town should it conquer next?

"Back in February 2013, the concept of Your Local Paper was finalised and within 24 hours I was sat in the Maze Media offices with one of their team designing our masthead, page layout and style.

"Maze were an integral part of our original newspaper design and that role hasn't changed moving forward. To date we rely on their advertisement production facilities at Studio20a (born out of Maze in 2014), for our client advert creations and their service levels and skills are second to none. 

"I would not hesitate to recommend all of their services and departments, including HUT42 who recreated our website - a project which has increased visitors to our site no end."

Alan Taylor, Your Local Paper managing director

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Giving weight to the headline.

Not many design agencies have had the privilege of branding and setting out a brand new newspaper. But we were tasked with just that. 

The paper would be providing thousands of people with news editorial, features, properties, motor sales and sports results, but it also had to function as a business. The paper exists because of the advertising space it can sell. 

We had to create a logo that would work as company branding and also sit well as a newspaper masthead. Your Local Paper is also a business model that could feasibly work anywhere in the country,  the identity could not be geographically specific. 

We also needed to lay the initial newspaper designs out. Printed on half-berliner Guardian paper the final product is a really nice, compact and effective publication. 

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Superman was a journo, right?

We've got a lot of admiration for the guys and girls at Your Local Paper, their small team manage to produce a quality 80-100 page newspaper every single week, which you can imagine, is pretty hard work. They're a well oiled, super team! 

We're absolutely thrilled to say we were a part of its invention, launch and hopefully continued success. We provide YLP with ongoing help and support from both a design and strategy point of view. 

It could be coming to a town near you!

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